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    How can I get the list of computer components.


      Hi all.

      I would like to get the list of "computer component" which is used at building up queries,because I want to know what kind of component data is gathered after inventory scanning is run.


      I guess the best way to get the infomation like above is to export "computer compornent" from console apprication for processable data such as csv or xls and so on.But I could'nt find the function.


      Does Anyone knows how to get the list of "computer component"

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          I think you may be overcomplicating things here, if I understand right.


          So - for one, you can just use the "New Query" type interface for a nice UI-way of discovering what information we collect / is available (similarly, you could just look at a device's inventory, though it should be pointed out that the query-interface will show all possible values we have, while an inventory shows only information that "this specific device" sent in).


          If you want (for whatever reason) a text-version, you can just look at a scan-file. You can generate a scan-file by adding the output parameter - "/O=output.txt" to a normal inventory scanner command line.


          There, you can look at the information we are collecting in inventory scans ...


          ... it may help knowing what you're actually trying to do this for, as I'm not convinced that the options I provided above will be actually helpful. What's the "greater goal" you're trying to achieve - i.e. "why" are you after this data? If we can have the full context, we can probably provide a better answer.


          Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead