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    LANDesk Gateway Reports


      I am unable to find a report listing remote control history that can be exported to a csv. Has anyone found this? I would prefer to be able to just go to my Remote Control reports on the Core and pull a Gateway report. I plan to migrate my team from utilizing Webex to the Gateway for external systems. I need to provide an ROI report in my monthly metrics. # Gateway controls x Webex Session Cost = ROI


      Any help would be great.

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          Console: Reports > Standard Reports > Remote Control. Select a report, then click Export and select .CSV.


          If you're not able to get what you want from there, you might need to look in the database; the table is RCLOG. This is how ldms_core gathers its remote control data.


          I don't think that RC logging is delineated on a gateway vs. non-gateway basis, you'd need to use the gateway's own logging system to gather that (which is a much hairier problem to automate -- as far as I can tell you'd have to poll the https://GATEWAY/services/contab page and store results yourself... that ain't gonna be in ldms_core any time soon).