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    ldscan error??


      We don't have any Mac machines reporting Adobe Firerworks on their machine, and I know there should be quite a few instances.


      I have tracked down a scan error pointing to the lack of Fireworks in the core db. Is this a bug in the LANDesk agent? Something I can easily correct on our side? Anyone else seeing anything like this? We are on agent version


      Error: >INSERT INTO apptab (name, location, version, kind, lastmod, info, size, fileDate, filePerm, timesRun, dtLastLaunch, dtLastUpdated, nameOfLastUser, lastDuration, totalDuration, timesDenied, changed, lastUpdateTime) VALUES(  "Fireworks", "/Applications/Adobe Fireworks CS3/Adobe Fireworks CS3.app", "Adobe Fireworks CS3 version """, "Universal", "2/8/08 11:46 AM", "Adobe Fireworks CS3 version "", Copyright © 1990-2006 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All rights reserved.", 63575504, 224192788.00000000, "drwxrwxr-x", null, null, null, null, null, null, null, 1, 261346559.20055601 )<

      Error: sqlite3_prepare
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          I've seen this too but I can't seem to find which machine(s) I saw it on. I'm not sure if it was specific to Fireworks in my case, but it was definately one of the CS apps.

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            OK, I've figured out why the error is happening, and mostly what is going on. This appears to be a bug in the Mac agent.


            The Mac agent it attempting to insert a new record into the sqlite3 db that is located here:

            /Library/Application Support/LANDesk/data/system_profiler



            The values that it is attempting to insert contain both commas and quotes which are causing the record insert to fail.



            These are the two lines in the values that contain commas and extra quotes:
            "Adobe Fireworks CS3 version """
            "Adobe Fireworks CS3 version "", Copyright © 1990-2006 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All rights reserved."



            Once I manually edited the Adobe Fireworks application and removed those extra commas and quotes from the app bundle, LANDesk was able to include Adobe Fireworks in the computer inventory.
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              I've passed your information on to the engineering team for investigation.