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    Difference scan between 2 machines?

    toddpop1 Rookie

      We have deployed to 1300+ machines. I would like to capture a "base" image scan from a freshly imaged PC, and then scan the deployed machines to find the file differences out there (user installed/ removed software mostly).


      How can I make this happen?




      Todd Cumpston

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Urm - there's *A LOT* of differences even between two reasonably basic devices, purely on account of things like date/time changing ...


          You can (in theory) create an output scan using the "/O=filename" paramter. I.e. - adding "/O=C:\output.txt" would create an output file in C:\ called "output.txt" -- but I'm not sure what the benefit is going to be to throw the scans into WinMerge (or equivalent) to be honest. It'll serve you to find out just how different even supposedly identical devices can be, I guess, but is a rather manual way to find it...


          What exactly is it you're trying to achieve? I.e. - why are you asking this question - I'm assuming you're trying to do something and identified this as the way to do it?


          Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead

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            zman Master

            Without a lot of custom scripting, etc... you have at least a couple of options.


            1. IRecall
            2. http://www.droppedpackets.org/inventory-and-slm/interxtips2007.ppt/view this is primarily for IP changes but you may be able to modify/hack for other attributes.
            3. Managed Planet ISM
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              toddpop1 Rookie

              We are a retail store chain that has a custom real-time browser based POS system using a  fairly closed architecture (the same changes get pushed down to ALL users), and what I am trying to achieve is:


              Once a PC is deployed to a location, what "additional" software is installed. We are seeing some PCs popping up with unauthorized software (MS word, Open Office, some game software). We want to avoid possible issues surrounding that.


              What I'd like to do is capture a "baseline" scan of .exe's, then compare that against inventory to see what is different.