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    Getting the latest execute time of an Microsoft Office Suite


      Dear Reader,


      Currently I’m making a report for our organization. The goal is to get a report that shows some of our Microsoft products and when their were used for the last time. This information needs to be organized by the market group where the computer is in. Because I need some string formatting I use sql in combination with reporting services to generate this report.



      Currently I request the following information:

      computer.ldaplocation, computer.devicename, computer.loginname, Operating_System.OSType, AppSoftwareSuites.Suitename
      (with some filtering conditions)



      This yields for instance:

      OU=Agr, C0013, R.Leet, Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Microsoft Office 2003 Standard



      Now I also want to display the last time Microsoft office 2003 Standard was executed. I am wondering if this is possible? Because AppSoftwareSuites.Suitename is the add/remove software list of installed software and only in packages(wich are file's) is information stored when the last time an application is executed? Are these two linked to each other, by software license monitoring for example and how is this calculated, the average of last run time of the Microsoft Office 2003 Standard executables?



      As an test I executed Microsoft Word, Outlook, Powerpoint and Excel on my computer and did an new inventory scan. I then made an report with landesk requesting the following information:



      computer.devicename, computer.loginname, AppSoftwareSuites.Suitename, Computer.sofware.package.Last started.


      This showed the correct information, only was the last started date only 10 days behind the current start date..