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    Installing Many Packages at Once


      What is the best way to install a bunch of software distribution packages at one time?  I need to be able to manage multiple configurations (e.g. different software packages for different groups of clients; these "groups" are actually computer labs and classrooms in my environment).  Scheduled Tasks can only schedule a max of 3 packages, so that won't work.  I could set up distribution packages that have dependencies of all of the other packages that I want installed, but that seems rather sloppy.


      In addition I have another minor problem.  I have two main distribution methods that I use; standard push distribution via http packages, and a run from the network installations via UNC.  The run from the network option is much faster for large packages like Adobe and Office.  For my environment, time is crucial for deployment (we need tobe ready before the start of each college semester).  Can I schedule multiple packages with different distribution methods somehow, or will I have to standardize every package to run from the network using UNC all because a couple of large applications can only be deployed in a timely manner this way? 


      Any suggestions would be wonderful.  Thanks in advance!

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          The way that I have done this is to chain the packages using dependencies.  I create a batch file that does all of my UNC installs, then make all the other packages dependent packages.  The reason that I use one batch file for all UNC installs is if you use multiple batch files as dependencies they do not wait for each other to finish and you will have failed installs. Its not the prettiest but it gets everything installed with the minimal amount of intervention.  I've also got different package groups set up for different user groups.

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            mrspike SSMMVPGroup

            You can also use Provisioning to do this, see http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-4648

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              Use the provisioning method that James mentions in his article.  By far the best way to accomplish the task....

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                Thanks for the feedback guys.  Matt, I don't have that problem with batch files.  Perhaps you aren't putting an "EXIT /B 0" at the end of your scripts?  See this document if you haven't already: http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-2320


                As for provisioning, does provisioning allo a way to control the distribution method for each software package?


                Thanks again, guys!

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                  The software packages installed via provisioning will use the delivery method used to deploy the template.  You can use policies or policy supported pushes to distribute software via provisioning -- and as far as I've done thusfar you can only use one method for all of the software in a template.

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                    zman Master

                    Dependencies can get a little hairy from a life cycle perspective, especially if you have dependencies that rely on other dependencies.  Provisioning does offer some benefits from a sequencing perspective - 1 then 2 then 3, etc..., however, David indicates the will have single delivery method.  I've always used either batch files or Autoitscripts.  If you don't mind scripting this offers the greatest flexibility, but requires the most work.


                    One thing I was thinking about is application bundles or application grouping. Basically you would define a bundle/group and add existing distribution applications. The bundle/group could either have a global delivery method or individual delivery methods per distribution package.  Viewing the bundle/group would show all packages and dependencies.  Within the object you can set the package ordering and dependency via a hierarchichal view. I would think this would make deploying business unit specific application groups somewhat easier, however, it may just be a late night caffeinated idea.


                    Also anybody else notice that in FF 3.1 beta 3 you can delete a EOL (go to end of a sentence and select delete). Nothing happens.

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                      Thanks for the feedback, guys.  I definitely like the idea of provisioning over package dependencies.  I am back to the problem of having two templates per group of machines though for my two separate distribution methods.  Maybe this will be a doable thing though, we shall see.