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    Gateway Updates Not Applying

    zeetwoeight Apprentice

      I have tried to update the openSSL on our gateway appliance and even though the report is saying successfully updated, when I check the version it's still reporting openSSL 0.9.8e (the update was 0.9.8i).


      Any suggestions on what to look for as to why these updates aren't working?



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          Truffles SupportEmployee

          Hi Zeetwoeight,


          Most likely from my experience it's having trouble downloading the patches. For some reason the GUI isn't currently programmed to report errors. I would recommend checking the following:



          Updating and Downloading
          The Management Gateway must have port 80 access to the patch servers.
          The patch servers must be resolved by DNS or an entry in the hosts file is needed.
          The patches can be detected using port 443 however, they are downloaded using port 80.