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    PXE Rep in waiting status


      I created a folder with-in the core called drivers..  I added all the drivers for the specific image to be in this folder and made sure I used WinRaR to unzip them all.  In OSD created a Manage Drivers in the Windows PE image script pointing to my img image file. SATA driver uploaded successfully. Deployed new image script.

      Tried to redeploy the PXE reps by going to scheduled tasks\PXE Reps\successful\ I copied \ deleted \ and pasted back again in pending \ then started the process.  I rebooted the PXE reps but still get in waiting status..  How do I get the PXE reps to be successful again..   Any help would be appreciated....

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          I've read this several times, but I'm still unsure of what the actual problem is.


          Are you talking about the scheduled task on the Core (PXE Rep deployment / removal) being stuck on "Waiting" ? if so, it sounds like there might be a problem with the scheduler service (is it stopped?) on your Core?


          If I've misunderstood - could you try to explain in other words (maybe with screenshots of your problem) what it is you're having difficulties with? Maybe it's too early for me in the morning, but I've not been able to understand it too well, sorry - thus above my best guess.


          Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead

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            Thank you Paul !!!!     The services needed to be started....   Status moved to active but after alittle time status moved to failed it timed out.  I am unable to delete the PC from failed status only have the ability to copy  see attachment..  Also unable to drag same PC from all devices to pending to try to redeploy..  How to I redeploy PXE rep successfully again..


            tx jim

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              rebooted core    alset   tx

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                ahe Expert

                Sometimes it helps to restart the inventory service on the core because the service seems running but it's crashed...

                (perhaps too many error scans...?)