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    Inventory service generating Event 4100 errors + stopping


      Hi there,


      This morning, we experienced an issue that involves the Inventory service going into an error  (and halting the service). Even restarting will still generate event errors.One of these is the following :


      Event Type:    Error
      Event Source:    LANDesk Inventory Server
      Event Category:    None
      Event ID:    4100
      Date:        4/17/2009
      Time:        10:41:21 AM
      User:        N/A
      Computer:    DELXXXXXX-LD001
      Database exception:
      Unspecified error


        Table:Product Column:Definition ID PK:a5pBEvcN1qutYX97lQ0JmQ==
      Thread ID: 1380.



      Not sure if this has anything to do with it, but this week we had someone from LANDesk (giving support and feedback on some of our outstanding issues) > as we had many subsections with faulty data (eg : -LANDesk, gLANDesk, etc...), we resorted to a dbrepair (cleaning out all unwanted entries).


      thanks for any help,


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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Please raise a support ticket for this, so we can track this better and provide you with more information as appropriate.


          When you contact support, please provide us the following information:

          - Which level EXACTLY are you on?

          - Which version of the Inventory Scanner do you have? (LDISCN32.EXE)

          - Whivh version of the Inventory Service do you have? (LDINV.EXE)


          There's some patches that may help you (which is why we'd like to confirm what file versions you use).


          We've had reports of this sort of thing beyond the fixes we've already done, which we're working on (CR # 24399) - the question is whether you're in the category of "this new stuff", or whether the previous fixes have (not yet) been applied, and thus could be of help to you.


          Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead

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            Normally these particular errors are because the product section of the ldappl.ini is out of sync between the client and the database.  The client it sending product information to the core that is not listed in the database.  Usually republishing the ldappl to clients and making sure it gets down to them resolves the problem.

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              To prevent your service from turning off while following DaveE suggestion set your "DB Error Recovery Tries" to 10000. The default is 10. This will prevent your inventory service from turning off while working on updating the ldappl files on your clients.