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    Modifying localsch.exe to change inventory scans


      Hi guys,

      See my previous thread on this here:



      Now that I've implemented this and rolled it out on about 70 remote computers (read, I can't touch them easily), I've discovered a serious problem: it keeps deleting the new task. I can only guess that's because the handle/task id/whatever is the same as the deleted one. I didn't realize that it would go through and scavenge itself...


      Anyone know what a safe number would be to use? Can I get away with 779, or would something overwrite that as well?


      Basically what I'm seeing is that my task lists no longer have a task 778 at all after a little while; they just have 6 listings instead of 7. So there's no scan at all whe the IP changes.


      Anyone have any thoughts on this (and how to fix it on 80 machines that aren't necessarily running inventory scans?)