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    Office Communicator Deployment


      Got kind of a strange one here. We're deploying Office Communicator using LANDesk. It's a straight forward MSI that doesn't need any additional command lines of MST's to install. We can deploy it through LANDesk and everything seems to install fine and the product works great.


      The issue we are seeing now that we've also rolled out Group Chat for Communicator is there is a problem thats causing Group Chat to crash when it tries to call the Communicator API. Opened a ticket with Microsoft and did some troubleshooting. Manually installing Communicator works great and we dont get the Group Chat error, also deploying it using group policy works fine, it just seems to be my LANDesk package. So Microsoft is saying there must be something LANDesk is doing that might not be installing the whole package, which I'm a little skeptical on.


      Long story short, my question is does anyone know the exact string LANDesk is passing MSIEXEC to do the install? I need to figure out what group policy is doing or not doing that LANDesk is. As I said before its a standard MSI so just calling MSIEXEC with the /qn switch works fine. Is there anything additional LANDesk is passing to MSIEXEC?


      We're running 8.7 SP4

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          jdoe Apprentice

          Does the installer write anything to the local user profile?  Perhaps the straight install via LANDesk (running as the SYSTEM account) isn't writing something properly?  Might try using StartAsUser.exe to kick it off and see what that produces.

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            Kind of what I was tossing around too, but only thing thats holding me back on that is the users dont have admin rights so installing it as them shouldn't work. Plus if I'm not mistaken doing a computer policy software install also runs as the system account. One thing I'm going to try this afternoon is starting a command prompt as the local system and trying to kick off msiexec /i communicator.msi /qb and see what happens.

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              jdoe Apprentice

              Might try taking a snapshot of the install and taking a look at what it is actually dropping for the local user.  If you can identify that, perhaps you could still install normally, but then run a script afterwords to create the user specific settings (as the local user).