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    Soft. Dist. methodology suggestion




      I'm new to LANDesk.  I am trying to figure out what is the best method to manage software deployments using LANDesk.


      I would like to have a Pilot group that is a small subset of end users who get the software deployments first.  If everything goes OK with them, I would like to release it to everyone else.


      How I have this currently setup is I have created a group under Public Devices where all my pilot computers are.


      So what I'm doing is creating a query and use this group as a filter so that the query only shows the pilot computers.


      For example, If I want to push Office 2007, I create a query where that shows me all the computers that don't have Office 2007 installed (software not like office 2007).  Then I select this group as a filter and deploy it to this group.  After my pilot goes OK, then I duplicate the query and remove the filter to deploy it to the rest of computers.


      This seems to be working well however...


      When the next version of office comes out, (let's call it office 14) how can I push that to only the pilot group?


      The potential problem that I see is that my policy for Office 2007 will still be active so once the pilot computers gets updated to Office 14, how can I prevent them from getting Office 2007 again from the policy (as the query for the Office 2007 policy is looking for PCs w/o office 2007)?


      Only way that I can think of achieving this is to edit the query for the Office 2007 deployment (once it is live) so that it only installs when "software not like office 2007" AND "software not like Office 14".


      Is this the best method?

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          zman Master

          Another way would not to mess with the target query and use a prerequisite query to exclude those machines. Also, some discussions have been raised on better exclusion techniques in the new version.

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            Hi Zman,


            I tried using queries as a prereq query as part of the distribution package but then I would get a "failed" status for all the computers that did not match the criteria.  I had to go and sort through all the failed ones to see which one really failed and which ones failed because they didn't need it.  I figured that using the query as the target gave me a better represenation of which ones were pending and which ones really failed.


            I'm running 8.8 SP2.  Is there another exclusion technique in this version?



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              zman Master

              They should say failed perquisite query or some verbiage like that, so it should be easy to make out.  So you are really left with query logic exclusion or scripting. Scripting can be either in the package itself (wrapper) or prereq script that does the detection.  I know of a couple ERs on how LANDesk deals with prereq logic reporting (my thoughts are they should not be reported as an error).  Maybe others, we will see what the crafty users here have to say.


              Also a required once policy targetted at machines, should only apply once.

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                Hi Zman,


                Right, if I use the query as a Prerequisite as part of the Distribution Package, the PCs that don't need it show as failed with "failed prequisite check".


                I would be nice if they showed as "successful -- No updates needed" ... same way as patching works.


                I guess circling back to my original question:


                I know how I can use a group to to filter a query to a set of PCs.  Can I use groups to do the opposite?


                For example this is what I would like to do:


                Pilot Deployment = Office not like Office 2007 AND group eq pilot group

                General Deployment = Office not like Office 2007 AND group not eq pilot group


                If I could do this, I could only target Office 14 to the pilot group and once I'm dong testing it with them, I can move to the general deployment w/o having to worry about changing existing queries used in my Office 2007policy so that it doesn't install again to my pilot PCs when they start getting Office 14.


                Makes sense?