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    Virtual MS Outlook 2003 as a default mail client ?


      Hello !!


      I'm just starting with Virtual Applications and noticed one problem with virtual instance of Office 2003. I've created an application following this link : https://thinstall.com/help/index.php?outlook2003tips.htm and after deploying it to another clean machine, thinreg.exe doesn't register it as a default mail client.

      Are there any tricks to resolve this problem ?


      Typical, manual instalation creates a key "Microsoft Outlook" in "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Clients\Mail\" but with virtual Outlook, this entry doesn't exist. Application works fine but Windows doesn't recognize it as a mail client (i.e. "mailto" links).


      Maybee there is another way to virtualize Outlook propertly ?


      LANDesk 8.8 SP2

      Thinstall ver. 4.0.1