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    Software and Hardware scans different times


      I thought when the inventory scan runs, after IP changes or next logon, that both software and hardware scans are updated.  I have many machines which dates aren't even close.


      Can someone explain?





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          zman Master

          Software scan only runs when it is configured to do so (Configure Services | Inventory | Software | Once Every X Days) or forced with /F

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            With your settings you stated the following would happen:


            1. IP Address changes - A mini scan will be run and an .IMS file will go to the core, this will update the hardware scan date.

            2. On Next Login - A hardware scan will be run.

            3. A software scan is requested once a day by default.


            Hardware scan: Hardware scans inventory hardware on managed devices. Hardware scans run quickly. You can configure the hardware scan interval in an agent configuration (Tools | Configuration | Agent Configuration) that you can deploy to managed devices. By default, hardware scans run each time the device boots.


            Software scan: Software scans inventory software on managed devices. These scans take longer to run than hardware scans. Software scans can take a few minutes to complete, depending on the number of files on the managed device. By default, the software scan runs once a day, regardless of how often the inventory scanner runs on the device. You can configure the software scan interval in the Configure | Services | Inventory tab.

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              OK, well I checked it and the software scan is set to run every day.  Most of the time, I see hardware and software scans within a minute or so of each other.  And, based on your explanation, I could easily see if the hardware scan shows later than the software scan, because that may mean that the computer hasn't been rebooted in a while. Fine...


              But I am not seeing that, I am seeing the reverse.  How do I troubleshoot this issue?  I have attached a screen shot for you.  Also -- look at the screen shot:  it shows that the Hardware scan happened IN THE FUTURE.  I'm looking to see if the wrong time is on this machine, but it doesn't explain the software and hardware discrepancy.


              Also, is there any issue or concern with changing it to run at every login?


              Thanks for your support,



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                Jason SupportEmployee

                What version of LDMS are you running?

                You stated that is scheduled to run a software scan once a day. Is that the setting on the agent or the core?

                How often is inventory set to run on your client PC?

                You can check the agent setting or you can look at the localscheduler settings(looking a local scheduler confirms what is currently on the client not what should be)


                To view your local scheduler task open a cmd prompt on one of the clients in question.


                Run the following from ldclient.


                LocalSch.exe /tasks |more


                or you can pipe it a text file


                LocalSch.exe /tasks > tasks.txt



                You can post them all or we are most interested in the ones for ldiscan32.exe and miniscan.exe



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                  zman Master

                  Wondering if the software scans/full are erroring out/out of sync. You can check the event logs (application) of the core and look for errors (shows device id) or much easier is to search the errorscan folder for the device id of the machine.


                  Software scans are much larger than the hardware only scan and more resource heavy on the core. So if you run at every login there will be more load on the core, and if the machines are never rebooted/logoff and on, not sure what this would buy you.


                  Also as Jason indicated check the local scheduled tasks and localsch.log files to make sure the inventory tasks are running.