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    Number of Devices For Simultaneous Distribution


      I have a Push delivery method setup with the "number of devices for simutaneous distribution" set to 50.  We pushed out a package to 300+ machines yesterday, I noticed that ALL machines were active at once, instead of just 50 with the remaining not get put into pending.  Is this setting only good for a policy-supported push or should it have worked with this straight push delivery method?  Luckily this was a small distribution package so it didn't kill our network.  I'm concerned this delivery method is not working as it should.  Any ideas why this didn't work as it should or what I can check out?

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          Just because a task goes active does not mean that it is running right "NOW".  If you are using bandwidth throttling options there really is no need to limit the amount of machines that you are deploying to at one time.  Once the software gets out in the environment it downloads it from a peer anyway.


          To answer your question.  If the option is available to be set in a delivry method than it is supported to work that way.