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    edit Office 2008 patches


      Hi all, i'm again :-),


      the security & information of my os x 10.5 client show me only officeupdates for the english version but on my mac is the german version installed.

      Can somebody help me to fix this issue?

      I hope somebody can help me i really despaired with office updates.


      thanks in advance

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          No one here who can help me?


          Also if try to repair bymyself, go to "Security & Patchmanager" and selcet the german version of the office patch, right klick on the patch and selcet repair.

          I still see the office2008-1217UpdateEN.dmg on the client unter ..\sdcache is downloading and not the Office2008-1217UpdateDE.dmg which i need and have selcted.

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            If the german definition is pushing the english version of the patch, you should submit a ticket as a bug so they can fix it.


            I have been patching Office outside of S&P manager. For the 12.1.7 patch (or 12.1.5) just create a query that looks for Microsoft Chart Converter 12.1.0 or 12.1.1, 12.1.2, 12.1.3, 12.1.4 or 12.1.5.

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              Hey Patrick,


              can you give your query string as an example?

              Something like that "Computer"."Software"."Paket"."Name"  =  "Microsoft Chart Converter"?




              if i check the ldmslog i see the scanner is surching for lots of pathces for example office 2004 which i dont have any more.

              How i can affect this? for which patches/software ldms is surching



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                Import the attached query.


                By default, all patch definitions are going into the "Scan" group. You can configure S&P Manager to put all new definitions into the "Unassigned" group. Then you can drag each definition you want to scan for into the Scan group.You can also create definition group settings, but I've never go into that (not my place to do so in my work).




                You can also move any definitions you don't want to scan for into the "Do not scan" folder.

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                  Hi Patrick,


                  thank you for your advise.


                  my next problem with office patches:-) :


                  sometimes by deploying the 12.1.0 office 2008 patch on mac the task and the logs recieve me the massge is done but nothing was transfered the is no patch in sdcashe folder.


                  here is the log:

                  "mac-test","OK",405,0:00:02,28.04.2009 09:08:03,28.04.2009 09:08:05,"\"/Library/Application Support/LANDesk/bin/ldpatch\" /repair \"vulnerability=OFFICE-2008-1210\" /taskid=177, STATUS"
                  ; "Job Complete","1 Done","0 Failed","0 Off","0 Unknown"


                  what can it be?


                  thanks in advance

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                    Check the /Library/Applicaiton\ Support/LANDesk/LANDesk.log on one of those clients, also the /var/log/install.log (thought his one might not say anything for this update if the update never made it to the sdcache).

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                      Homermg did you contact support about this?

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                        Yes allready done

                        Im waiting for a solution