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    Speeding up Software Distribution


      I made a template that deploys Adobe Reader, Symantec, and Office 2007. It also copies a file to the all users desktop. It's purpose is to install the software on new PCs we build . I have the task set to Policy Supported Push with emergency failsafe distribution.


      It works, but it takes hours. I can install the programs much faster by running them from the network shares.


      Is there a better way to set the template up to deploy the programs faster?

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          ahe Expert

          Hello Ron,


          it would be helpful to know which LANDesk version you have...


          If you use 8.7 SP5 it could help to deactivate (as workaround) the LANDesk Targeted Multicast service. This service slowdown (in our environment) the download.

          For example the download of a 100KB file needs 5 (!) minutes, after stopping the service less than a second... We've had this problem wiht SWD and Patches.

          But after updateting to SP6 the problem seems to be fixed...




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            phoffmann SupportEmployee

            Well - there's various things you didn't bring up, which somewhat matter.


            1 - Emergency failsafe distribution uses multicast. This may or may not be needed (it depends on how many devices you are distributing to). As a general rule of thumb, TMC *is* going to be a bit slower, as it will only run at the speed of the slowest device in the multicast (since they all need to be in synch).


            2 - Depending on how many devices you're looking to install this to, you may not need multicast. You should aim to learn/understand on when to use which delivery options. This can be a training issue that can be resolved by either reading up, attending training, or whatnot - I don't know how long you've worked with LANDesk and how intensively you will work with the product, so can't give you a good recommendation here on how to proceed.


            3 - Your options basically boil down to:

            - Run from source (i.e. - execut from network share - this MUST be UNC, will NOT work for HTTP)

            - Multicast the files out (which is what presently happens)

            - Download from source (unicast-type approach).


            4 - It *REALLY* depends on how many devices you're trying to throw this at the moment. If it's a low number - say anything up to 50 devices - you may be better off using "download from source", so you can benefit from peer download as well once it's down on a few clients (though this will also apply to TMC).


            5 - Be careful of comparing "installing over the network" on ONE device versus getting the same software pushed out to (say) 200 devices. There's no contest in comparing multicast in a 1 on 1 race. However if you try and throw Office at 200 or even 2,000 devices, multicast becomes a *LOT* more attractive than unicast.


            Finally there's also things such as the download timings / dynamic bandwidth throttling options -- all things which need to be understood in order to make effective use of what bandwidth you have available (high or low) -- but in order to make informed decisions, you need to get yourself informed/educated in the different software distribution mechanics that LANDesk offers you (and thus learn when which particular method works best/better in your particular environment).


            There's no real "hard and fast" rule, as a fair bit of this often ends up being dictacted by environmental architechture.


            Paul Hoffmann

            LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead

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              I am using LD 8.8 with SP2a.


              Yes, I am fairly new to LANDesk and admit I need to learn more about the bandwidth and throttling options. I followed a document I found on this site for making a template and based my settings on that.


              Basically, when we build new PCs or laptops, I want to have a template to deploy our standard apps. This is usually only a hand full of machines and they are all on the same subnet as the core server.


              I'll look for more documentation on Software distribution. But any "best practices" for my scenario would be appreciated.

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                phoffmann SupportEmployee



                no problem there . Thanks for putting things into context.


                So - since you're only distributing to a single device at a time (or a handful, at any rate), you should not be using multicast - for the reasons described above (though it's a VERY shorthand explanation of TMC), TMC is only really worthwhile if you're distributing a piece of software to a LOT of devices. For a 1:1 delivery is the single worst case scenario for TMC, as you still have all the overhead of TMC, without any of the benefits from it .


                So - what you want to do (either as Push or policy-supported-push - your choice), would be something like this (this is somewhat "brutal shorthand" - let me know if you need a bit more) - this is starting from a new delivery method.


                NETWORK USAGE

                -> Either chose "Use run from source" or "use download from source"

                => this is down to your personal preference really, and whether you want a 2-day window of clients acting as peers. If this is just "one off" stuff, "run from source" may be easier (NOTE -- "run from source" will ONLY work for UNC shares. It will not run for HTTP-shares). I personally prefer downloading files, as this ensures that there's nearly always at least 90% of files "already on the client", which is handy if we're talking about a 4 GB package or so .


                NETWORK USAGE -> DOWNLOAD

                -> untick "Dynamic bandwidth throttling"

                -> in the "DOWNLOAD TIMING" window, change both delays to "0" (I'm assuming this is on a VERY local LAN).


                The rest will be down to your preference (feedback / reboot options, policy-settings if you set it up as a policy-supported-push). This should help you along some .


                Paul Hoffmann

                LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead

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                  Thanks, this helps.


                  I downloaded the best Known Method for Software Distribution for LD 8.7. Does the info in this document apply to 8.8 as well?

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                    phoffmann SupportEmployee

                    Yes - the "greater whole" of software distribution hasn't changed terribly much (details have changed over time, but the concepts hold true) for several years, so older documents will generally still be accurate.


                    Rule of thumb to go by is "if the option is no longer there, it may no longer apply". The important part (usually) out of such BKM's / papers is to learn the CONCEPTS, as opposed to memorising the steps by rote - if you understand the concepts, you can abstract to your existing situation, and make a better decision that way.


                    So, stay with the bigger concepts, as opposed to getting hung up on details, I suppose is my message .


                    Paul Hoffmann

                    LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead