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    Peer downloads




      If I understand it correctly, when doing a software distribution with LANDesk, the client PC first check with it peers in the same subnet to see if any of them have the installation files cached, then it checks with the preferred servers and then with the core server in order to download the files.


      By looking at the C:\Program Files\LANDesk\LDClient\Data\sdclient_taskXXX.log it seems that the client PCs are not downloading the cached files from their peers.


      Is this the right location to check that?  If not, where can I check to make sure that they are downloading the files from the peers on the local subnet and not from the preferred servers or the core?


      I'm using 8.8 SP2



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          zman Master

          So the progression is:


          1. Local machine cache
          2. Peers
          3. Preferred Server
          4. Source Server


          At least one machine on the local subnet must have the files in its local cache.  Here is an article on how it works. To test you can stage the files on a machine on your local subnet and run the package. Just make sure delivery method is not run from source. If this still does not work post the sdclient, tmcsvc.log, etc... Also make sure that the clients LANDesk Targeted Multicast service is installed and running.  If all that does not work I wouuld enable tracing (lddwnld,tmcsrvr,sdclient, etc...) and maybe fire up wireshark.

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            Hi Zman,


            Our delivery methods are set to "Use download from source".


            Attached is the log file of my pc.  I tried looking for some documentation to be able to read the log file but was unable to find any.  Does this file look OK?


            Also, if a pc is downloading the file from a peer, is it written anywhere that could be used to easily check or do I have to use a packet sniffer?



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              zman Master

              So I don't believe LANDesk expose that information in the sdclient logs. I would look at the link I posted about Xtrace and download the utility. I woul trace:




              and all tmc processes.


              Run a job and look at the lddwnld.xlg in the ldclient folder. You should see lines similiar to:


              Attempt to perform subnet aware download, attempt 1
              Download Status Callback curSize = 743790, fileSize = 743790, sourceAddress= xx.xx.xxx.xx, source = xxxxx.xxx.xxx.xxx, curSleep = 0, curBW = -1


              Most of the good stuff will be in the xlg files in the ldclient folder.

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                Hi ZMan,


                This is what I get:


                04/30/2009 14:59:56.706    3872    2032    tmcpeer.cpp    323    Download Status Callback curSize = 1310, fileSize = 1310, sourceAddress=, source = LDN-ASFZWG6, curSleep = 0, curBW = -1
                04/30/2009 14:59:56.721    3872    2032    lddwnld.cpp    1020    ProcessNeedFileReply returned 0
                04/30/2009 14:59:56.940    3872    3828    tcpipio.c    112    Invalid parameters (socket -1, pData 23984604)


                Does this mean that the peer download was successful?


                Also, where do I set how long the peers keep the files cached?

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                  Jason SupportEmployee

                  From the snippet provided it grab the file from source = LDN-ASFZWG6 is this a peer or the source?



                  for your second question

                  The SDMCACHE directory is where LANDesk products store files that were downloaded during Software Distribution or Patching tasks. By default, this folder is purged every 2 days on normal agents and every 14 days on Multicast subnet representative agents.



                  This can be changed by modifying the registry values:


                  HKLM\Software\Intel\LANDesk\LDWM\Distribution\Multicast\Discard Period

                  HKLM\Software\Intel\LANDesk\LDWM\Distribution\Multicast\Subnet Rep Discard Period




                  Please note that the values are specified in seconds.

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                    Thanks Jason,


                    Jason wrote:


                    From the snippet provided it grab the file from source = LDN-ASFZWG6 is this a peer or the source?



                    That was the peer.

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                      zman Master

                      Thanks Jason, up to my @ss in alligators right now.