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    E Trust Innoculate V-8

    Tbarnes Rookie
      E Trust Version 8 errors out when running the MSI Spy, it wants you to run the "install.exe"

      I've searched on APPDEPLOY, they have a fix for Group Policy but their methods seem different from Net Install...

      I've searched/edited the MSI but nothing seems to get rid of this error

      Has anyone packaged/released E-Trust Innocilate V 8 successully?
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          ueli77 Rookie

          I have installed eTrust 8 (ITM) and it works fine! First you have to create a responsefile with a tool of ca! I think it's called InoRemote! you will find it on the installation cd!if you have created the ICF-File you have copy this file to the LOKAL CLIENT!!!!! take the run as command .\extern$\install.exe INO_ICFFILE=C:\inoc6.icf /s
          - !Thats it!

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            klaus.messmer Apprentice

            you can also run the msi directly by adding the following arguments:

            INO_ICFFILE=".\Extern$\German\Bin\Win32\inoc6.icf" PRODUCT="ITM"

            The complete NetInstall Command:

            MSIInstallProduct('.\Extern$\Common\Bin\Win32\Client\eTrust ITM.msi','NORMAL',MsiInstMach)
            params:INO_ICFFILE=".\Extern$\German\Bin\Win32\inoc6.icf" PRODUCT="ITM"

            But you must definitely modify the icf-file before starting an installation with your prefered options...