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    DTM Client is set Inactive

    Philip_22 Rookie

      I am having an error pushing a NetInstall package out to a networked computer.  This error is rather new (since 6/4/08) and had not occurred, to my knowledge, before this.

      When I attempt to FastInstall a package to a networked computer I receive the following error:

      The NetInstall project '{Project Number'} can't be executed. Reason: DTM client is set inactive.  No projects assigned through DTM will be installed.  Installation aborted.

      Has anyone seen this before? Does anyone have any clues that could help?
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          sbr2 Expert
          Hi Philip,

          look into the local client for the logfile NIRS_XX.log. There you will find more information.

          Whiche NetInstall Version do you have? Do you know that DTM is the old name for A&D (Assign & Delegate).

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            FrankScholer Master
            Hi Philiipp,

            you are using Assign&Delegate, right?

            If yes, make sure that the computer object is not set inactive ("greyed out") in your A&D console (in case you are working over a RDP connection, then you cannot exactly see, if it's grey oder if it's "full colored" which means it is active).

            Just right-click on your computer object and select "Activate software assigments".

            HTH, Regards Frank