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    LAN DESK Software Packaging


      Hi All


      I am pretty new to LANDESK but have used things like SMS and Altiris in the past, I am wanting to know if LANDESK can create exe or the package needs to be in place and then you select the core files you want to make a distribution package ?



      I am basically wanting to push out a DLL file to people's machines to replace an existing dll for the video card which is causing the users screen to go black for a long time.


      Now normally this has to be done before the user logs on as they obivsouly can't replace it while its in use. Can Landesk do this ? I would ideally just like to push this out to all machines if needed or not.



      any suggestions anyone has would be much appreciated.




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          HI Matt,


          this is a job for InUse.exe from Microsoft.



          Make an executable package with the unuse.exe and add folloing command line:


          <yourSourcePath>\<yourDllName>  <yourDestionationPath>\<yourDllName> /y


          BR Butti

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            Hi Steff


            Thanks for the help on this thats great information, I suppose what I am also asknig is does LANDESK create exe packages as well or does it simply require an exe to be already made the the distribution package is simply a means of deploying it.



            In Altiris for example you can create an MSI, EXE or what ever as your building the software as you go along and then use Altiris to deploy the package also.



            Sorry this is a real NOOB question I have just started to use LANDESK and still trying to get my head around it.







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              Hi Matt,


              It is does have this functionality - The software is called LANDesk Package Builder - There are 2 parts to the


              1. Package builder wizard - in which snapshots of a machine is taken and the changes that are made between those two snapshots are complied as an exe (SWD) file.

              2. Enhanced Package Builder - In which you can create your own exe file by createing line by line changes for the Package you would like to create.


              Now by reading the post - I think that you would be best to use the Enhanced Pacakge builder. Which is located \\<core-server>\ldmain\install\package_builder\enusetup.exe That is the english version. Please note - do not install this on the core server - install this on a bare bones xp machine. The reason for this so that you will not get any user data in the installation packages that you build. Personally if you can Install it on a VM - snapshot the VM and you can then keep going back to the VM and the OS will be fine.


              It is very basic to use. If you have used wise before you will be fine.


              Let me know if you need any help.

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                Hi Kerrie


                Thanks for the quick help thats what I was after, yes I am assuming same principles apply to Altiris build package on a machine with clean registry.



                awsome work thanks for all your help here guys most impressed with the speed and helpful responses.








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                  I also have used WISE before so that is great help thanks