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    Log files


      Is it necessary to keep all the log files the Service Desk creates?  I ran out of disk space on the server this weekend, hence, we could not run SD.  There was over 300gb of log files.  If we need them can we overwrite them?


      They are located in the system32\logfiles\w3svc1\    file names begin with ex.... then the date

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          Hi Lisa,


          It sounds like these are the files for IIS rather then Touchaper. There are some settings in the web site properties in IIS manager for managing the log files.



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            phoffmann SupportEmployee

            Correct - this would be the IIS log files. IIS is the Windows stuff that hosts the www-sites. On systems that host a LOT of traffic for a lot of devices, you can get up to 100-ish MB of log per day, so a weekly / monthly routine check would be recommended (archiving the logs if you need them, otherwise deleting them).


            As a general thing, these logs are "safe" to delete, in that nothing will break just because you've done so.


            Paul Hoffmann

            LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead