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    Wait for completion of Office installation

    RAdV Rookie

      I've got a little problem with deploying Office 2007 on Vista. There are several packages afterwards depending on a Office 2007. (I used the whitepaper for configuring Office.) The Office installation is not finished when the next packages start installing en enteo already tells me Office 2007 was installed succesfully.
      How can I make the other packages wait for completing the Office installation...
      Help would be greatly appreciated.

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          Mr.B Rookie
          I wouldn't mind getting some input on this issue as well.

          I have a few applications that continue to run even if you check the Wait for completion box on the escript. Office 2007 is one of those.

          I had to put a sleep on the front end of the next application in line in order to not cause it from stopping due to the Office install still running.

          This is a lot of trial and error on the sleep time and if your network speed varies at times it can cause problems if the sleep isn't long enough. If you just make the sleep a lot longer than it needs to be you are adding time to the total OS build.

          Is there another way to tackle this problem?

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            CalumField1 Expert

            if you import the pre-packaged application Office 2007 you will see a fine example of looping based on WMI.

            Basically the WMI checks to see if a certain process is active, and waits until the process is finished. This is a lot better than the static sleep.