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    Popping a window with current group assignment pre-filled


      I'm trying to set up an action which when used is pre-filled with some data from the current incident assignment.  In particular I'd like to have an action called (say) Allocate which pops up a window rather like the assignment window, but which has the group attribute pre-filled with the group the incident is currently assigned to. The person then just selects the person in that group.


      No problem I thought - a quick copysettings entry to copy from latest assignment/group to the group attribute on this new action window.  Set both copy related properties on the group attribute for the new action and away we go.  However ... while other copysetting rules work fine, this one doesn't.  With cleartarget set to true, the group box on the window is cleared out even when you try and set it to something manually (which is interesting and shows something is happening)


      Now it occurs to me that this is the first time I've tried a copy settings for something other than the main process window, so am I being too clever by half here?  Also the usual way of getting this to work is to set the source attribute property as copy related and here that isn't on the new action window and cannot be added.


      Using Christians 'How to get current assignment on the incident window' note I can display the current assignment group and user on the incident window, but despite all my attempts as copy to and copy settings, I've not managed to get this value back into the action window.



      Has anyone done anything like this?

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          on the bootcamp training, i once asked about this (version 7.1.4), and the instructor said that we can somehow using a windowsless action to perform assignment using Incident From instead and manipulate the suggesteg group and the analyst and then pass them to automatic assignment.

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            Thanks Olive - Well that sounds interesting and talking out loud I can see a way of storing the current group/user on the incident.  Then a windowless action could display this, allow someone to change the values and then have anther action after that to do the assignment.  I've used your idea before to allow people to change impact/urgency from an action rather than just changing them.  It works until you have two people do the same thing at the same time as you are using the same attribute on the incident in this way.  But the window of opportunity for this to happen is very small.


            So food for thought and I shall report back


            All the best



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              Can you use a Value Type prepopulation from Incident.Currnet Assignment.Group?


              Admittedly when I look at a normal action, I don't get an Action Value option which I do get in an auto action..... Was that different in 7.1?



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                Well it turns out that on a custom action you cannot use filters that refer to relationships like incident/current assignment until the action has actually been saved.  So the trick (from Stu) is to use an attribute on the incident to store your 'user assignment' and create a windowless action off incident with a window (yes - I know!).  This action is launched from the incident, so it does have access to current assignment.  You can thus create a filter on this 'user assignment' attribute in incident which refers to the run-time value current assignment.group which is all you need.


                The upshot is that although you cannot display current group, you can offer a drop down which just lists the analysts in the current group the incidents is assigned to.