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    Office 2003 Deploy from source ~ Question


                     Hello there,


      Here what I am looking at doing and maybe someone can point to where I seem to be going wrong here.  I am using the LanDesk 8.8 SP2 in a eval mode, testing the following.


      I am trying to setup a new package to be able to deploy the MS Office 2003 software.

      I am no using AD, so my LanDesk is on a stand-alone server.


      I have setup a package that works well via a push install (where the install is copied t the workstation,and installed locally).  This does take a long time to push out the 1100+ files to a desktop.


      So I know that my MST file and general setup is working OK


      My issue is when I try and look at pushing the package from the source server, that I run into issues.


      I am using the IIS server setup on my LanDesk box, that the package will run OK from.  I have also looked the Best practices for the Office 2003 install.

      I am getting errors reporting from the Clent that it can not install the software

      the Logs report

      "Failed to install MSI Package"


      I have looked at the IIS settings and the MIME times have been opened to all types.


      Thanks for any ideas