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    Saving reports to alternate location besides Landesk reports share


      I've setup a query - in this case, find all the xp sp3 computers.

      I've then PUBLISHED the report whereupon it created a TASK which runs the query every day.

      The OUTPUT is in the usual place:  \\LandeskServer\LDMain\reports


      Now, just to be clever (i thought) , I put links on my Intranet SHAREPOINT SITE pointing to these reports.  --- I now have a "management report screen" where reports run everyday on schedule.

      The problem is, not everyone in the company, especially  executives or satellite offices - have access to this folder.  Permissioning  the folder is doable, but I'd rather post the reports to a common place.


      How do I tell landesk to publish the reports to another placed beside "LANDESK REPORTS SHARE"