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    Best way to see software


      Hey all,


      i created a new ou in my networkview with some cleints. Now i would like to check wich softwarefamilys are installed on this cleinst in this ou/folder

      can somebody give me a tip or best workaround to do this. Unfortunately it isn't possible by clicking on the ou to run an inventoryreport is only possible to run this on one client and in this report i see all software not sum of the software.


      thanks in advance

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          Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

          Do you mean you created a group?  Organizational Unit (OU) is sort of an Active Directory term, and OU's are not really created in LANDesk.


          Computer Software Summaries are pretty beefy reports, which is why they can only be run on one device at a time.


          You might try a CSV report, and then once in Excel, you can get an Excel guru to do anything they want with the data.