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    Best Practices/prerequisites For Upgrading to 8.7SP6?




      Quite a Newbie to managing landesk and have been tasked with tidying up a core server that i inherited with little or no documentation, i have noticed that there is a service pack 6 available for my version of LDMS (


      LANDesk® Management Suite 8.7


      The latest Service Pack for version 8.7 is Service Pack 6, released on November 12, 2008.  You can download and deploy the patches using the Patch Manager tool within your LANDesk console, or download the individual patches below.


      Core Patch Size: 527MB

      Console Patch Size: 26MB

      Client Patch Size: 18MB

      Webconsole Patch Size: 105MB

      Rollupcore Patch Size: 17MB


      LD 8.7 SP6 ReadMe

      List of fixes in LD 8.7 SP6


      LDMS 8.7 Updated Help Files (updated with SP3)

      LDHM Handheld Manager




      i was just wondering if there is any prerequisites before installing, anything i should backup or worry about before installing, or a specific order to installing the patches?


      the core server has a system state backup every night so i do have a rollback option if needed, but i find it surprising if all i would have to do would be download and run the individual patches.