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    post some example package.ini files?


      I am trying App Virt for 45-days, with hopes to purchase it after that.  Unfortunately, I am not seeing a great deal of relavent (to me) examples on thinstall.com.  Don't get me wrong there are some examples, but the ones I have tried do not work.  And I prefer the LANDesk forum and the knowledge that gets thrown around here.


      With all that said, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in sharing some of there step by step instructions or copies of their package.ini files.


      Again, being new, I have only tried 3 apps so far...

      1) VMware VI client 2.0 - failed

      2) iexplore 6 with java 1.4.2_9 - I think it works but not sure yet

      3) an app called Totale Atlas, which include iatlas & acrobat reader 7.0.0 & an api to capture signatures fusing the topaz installation - need to test with a signature captue pad still.


      I am also wondering if app virt is going to do what I want it to do:

      along with the apps I mentioned I plan to virtualize:

      Lotus Notes 7.0.4 & 8.5

      serveral freeware utilities

      landesk 32-bit console

      and then I am hopeing that I can upgrade all my pc's with the latest sw from java, abobe & .Net framework with patch manager, but if I have a need to back rev one of those app virt can help...example...

      OS = XP sp2

      .net = 3.5sp1

      java = 1.6_X

      reader = 9.1

      IE = 7

      If I have a vendor whose wesite requires IE 6 & java 1.4_x.  I would like to know if I can somehow virtualize that requirement...  I do not think I understand how to package ie6 if the machine already has 7 installed.


      Thoughts about any of this?

      Thanks in advance,