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    high cpu utilization


      Many users have copmplained about how their PCs are running too slowly, how some of them are useless for the first hour or two that they are running.  They believe that it's LanDesk.  I cannot comment, as I just don't have the time right now to investigate it.  ( Long story, but I'm currently the ONLY IT person on staff, at the moment. )  Generally, most of our PCs are too short on memory, and I am in the process of getting more for many machines.


      But I rec'd this from an end user this morning, and it got me to wondering, so I thought that I'd ask as well:


      When the LANDDesk Spyware scanning feature softmon.exe runs it is causing our computers to lock up or to have high processor utilization. 

      Can this software be removed or patched to fixed the problem?


      We're currently running v8.7, sp6.  Is there anything we can do, other than upgrading to v8.8, sp3?  Will getting current help?


      Thanks in advance,