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    Package builder and user prompts


      Hi, I am using the package builder to install my map application.  Once the files have been copied to the client workstation, I would like a prompt to appear asking if the user would like to restart their map (if yes, restart, if no, do nothing).  The problem is that in my config, the map prompt appears before the files have even been copied over.  How can I get the prompt at the end of install?  Any help is greatly appreciated!


      TITLE: "Map update", fontname="Arial", fontsize=24

      BEGINFIRSTSCREEN title="Map installation"
      You may minimize this screen when the map is being installed.  If your map is open, the installer will close it.

      RUNATMIDDLE: "taskkill", para="/IM altarisv.exe /IM mss13.exe /IM mss10.exe"

      BACKUP: NO
      DEFAULTDIR: "C:\FDNY",noaskdrive,noaskdir
      DIR2: "C:\Altarisv_FDNY",noaskdrive,noaskdir
      DIR3: "C:\pcmssmap",noaskdrive,noaskdir


      REM --- File entries ---


      DELETE: "C:\FDNY\vector\pnt\*.*"

      FILE: "$DIR2$\*.*",From="C:\Altarisv_FDNY\"
      REM FILE: "*.*",From="C:\FDNY\"
      FILE: "$DIR3$\*.*",From="C:\pcmssmap\"


      ASK1: Yesno, caption="Restart map?", text="Installation is complete.  Would you like to restart your map?"
      IF $ASK1$= "Yes"
      RUNATEXIT: "C:\pcmssmap\mss13.exe mapstub.mss"
      BEGINLASTSCREEN title="Map install complete"
      Your map has been successfully updated.