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    M58 Nic not responding


      Hi All,


      Issues with my new M58 Nic not responding to the core

      I have a img (image) file to use for this new desktop from the M57. I copied the Nic files from the local PC to a folder on the core. Verified in device manager on local PC the drivers needed to inject.

      Created new Driver type OSD Manage drivers in Windows PE image. Redeployed the PXE reps. Run the M58 in PXE and it error's out on the Nic  cannot connect to server.. 


      I checked lan cable to verify connectivity.  Changed M-58 to enable Legacy mode.  still same error


      I verified again the Nic drivers and copied the whole folder C:/ drivers/ Nic to core folder  also checked device manager and copied all the .din and .sys files in driver files details to the core folder

      In OSD Manage drivers I pointed the script to the .inf file and .sys file with-in the folder.. Also, added all the .exe.cat..dll files in the core folder to files this driver depends on section and then added the driver to the Manage drivers section..   Redeployed the PXE reps. Ran PXE on the M-58 and get as far as the following.    Establish Link\Get DHCP\Boot Server IP\ Loading Ram disk image\ then goes to Preinstalling section and error's out with  "Disk 0 is now the selected disk  waiting for IP address   Network driver not found..


      Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated..


      tx jim

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          If you follow the procedure in http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-2158, things really should work for you - if you use the correct driver. What you get from Lenovo when you download the M58 NIC driver is not a driver specific to the M58, but a version of intel's generic driver pack, which supports dozens and dozens of different NICs. It's by no means obvious which of the 10 or 15 inf and sys files is right for you. Here's a few ways I can imagine things might go wrong:


          1. Did you take the correct inf file? When you look at the driver details in device manager, you're not given the name of the inf. As a rule, the inf and the sys have the same base filename. But looking at the intel drivers, some of them seem to break that rule.


          2. Did you take the correct version of the inf and the sys? If you took them from the windows folders of a running M58, you should be ok. If you took them from a c:\drivers folder, as you mention, do you know exactly where that c:\drivers\nic folder came from?


          Here are 2 suggestions (use 1 - not both!):


          1. Use a freeware driver extraction tool such as Driver Magician Lite. Let it extract the NIC driver from a fully installed M58 running WinXP. That will take the guesswork out of the equation. You'll be sure you'll have the exact .inf + .sys + dependent files that you have seen running on a working machine.


          2. Import the entire intel nic driver pack. Using WinImage, take all the sys files from the driver pack's pro1000\win32 folder and inject them into \i386\system32\drivers, the inf files into \i386\inf and the DLLs into \i386\system32 (*).


          The advantage of the intel driver pack, as opposed to the PC manufacturer's driver, is that it will support a wider range of hardware. If you have a number of different desktop and laptop models, all equipped with versions of the intel pro1000 NIC, rather than downloading model specific drivers from the PC manufacturers' sites, consider using the intel driver pack. Chances are it will work for all your machines. Find the driver pack at http://downloadcenter.intel.com/default.aspx. Select network connectivity, desktop, gigabit. It doesn't matter which nic type you select next, you always get the same driver pack. It supports all pro1000 NICs for both desktop and laptop.


          (*) contrary to what I said before, you do need the .din files and prounstl.exe. Copy them to \i386\system32.


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            Thank you very much...   I orginally selected the wrong drivers.....    My M58 image is up and running successfully.