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    Using "runas" and active directory group to deploy software via the portal


      We are building a brand new LANDesk core server version 8.8 SP2A


      On our currentcore server version 8.7 SP3 we were using policy-based delivery to deploy software from the Service Desk


      In essence a task was created with an optional, as desired policy delivery method targeted to an Active Directory group containing my helpdesk users


      To deploy the software they would remote into the user's computer and right-click on policy based delivery and do a "runas" and they would use their credential. Then they would see the relevant optional policy for the software to deploy


      I am trying to reproduce this process in 8.8 SP2A with the software deployment portal with no luck. it comes with no policy to install


      Can the software deployment portal be used this way or should I use the launchpad and if so, how ?


      Thanks for the help



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          zman Master

          I don't believe the new stuff (policy.*) will run as runas (I tried them all), well I have not been able to get it to run. So I'm having a little trouble following why you want to do this. Why would you not just target the scheduled task to the user and not the help desk user?  Seems to defeat the purpose of having a user based software distribution portal if the help desk has to RC a machine and install the apps.

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            Well the idea is to not give them access to the entire scheduled tasks or distribution packages modules

            Their roles is to deploy packages that our integration team creates, I don't want them to start creating their own tasks using the the distribution packages that are in Public or any other task


            The root cause might be because as a general rule I am placing any "production" task in the "Common tasks" folder (like patch deployment, reboot tasks, mass software deployment, etc ...) and some of them, if misused can be pretty bad to an end-user computer


            With the former policy-based delivery it was perfect.They RC into people's computers most of the time anyway


            If the "runas" does not work with the new policy system I guess that forces me to rethink the way the Service Desk will deploy application and that might be a tedious process to re-train them to this new way. I initially wanted to maintain the processes they had with the 8.7 version


            On that note any suggestion in organizing the "Scheduled tasks" module is welcome :-p

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              zman Master

              Sorry I'm a little dense trying to follow this.... I would just target the user you are remote controlling as a LDAP target and let them install the software. This is pretty much how software distribution was designed to work.  Why burden the support center with software installs let the users complete them. However, if for some reason this does not work in your environment then:

              • Continue to pursue runas. My test that failed were on my test vmware instances that run Win2000. Yeah I know I need to upgrade. I tried using runas to open a cmd window and run everything from there, run each component with runas, etc... they all fail.
              • The support center would need to logoff the user and logon as themselves. They would then install the software.
              • Temporarily place the user's machine in the target list, deploy the software, then remove the machine.
              • Change the distribution to Optional, once if you don't want them to continually reinstall the policy.
              • IF you have Process Manager it may help you design something to your needs.
              • Others here may have ideas.
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                Unfortunately for me I am in a Retail company where the end-user (mostly store people) are kings, emperors, popes and they don't know nothing about computers and they don't have time to do this (they need to sell, especially in this economy) so IT is here to assist them as most as possible


                That's why our service desk RCs almost every time and they are the ones installing the software


                You gave me good pointers though, it's just that I have to re-document and re-train them to a new distribution process, which is kinda short for me as we are starting to migrate to this new core on Monday ... I guess it's up to me to make it work and/or delay the rollout if necessary


                Thanks a lot for the help