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    [SOLVED] Release of HEAT Desktop & Server Management 2015.1 (Build

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      HEAT DSM 2015.1 – Client Management
      Release Announcement
      Dear All,
      HEAT Software is pleased to announce the release of HEAT Desktop & Server Management 2015.1 (Build
      This announcement contains a brief description of several new features and enhancements included in the release. For a complete description of all new features, enhancements and issues fixed in this release, please review the release notes which can be downloaded from the HEAT Software Customer Self Service portal. Instructions on how to search for all supporting HEAT DSM 2015.1 documentation are located at the end of this announcement.

      The following are just a few of the new and exciting features in HEAT DSM 2015.1
      • Security Update - newest encryption technologies, improved reliability and security.
      • The Packaging Workbench now allows saving and reusing command sequences ('snippets').
      • Full support of MS SQL Server 2014
      • Windows 10 and Windows 10 Server are now experimentally supported as managed clients in order to help customers on their migration plans
      • DSM Web has been enhanced once more in order to support common administrator tasks.
      • A more detailed Vulnerabilities view shows existing patch packages and their compliance status
      • A new and configurable graphical visualization of the infrastructure shows various aspects of Regions, Sites, Management Points and Depots. For example, the status of mass data distribution or Transport Layer connections.
      • DSM 2015.1 comes with numerous enhancements which facilitate the usability of the DSM Console.
      • Flexible maintenance plans
      • Remote Control: Centralized configuration for both attended and unattended access depending on rights & roles
      • Configuration Management: Up to date pre-configured packaging capabilities (configuration items)
      • Advanced Patch Management enhancements
      • Numerous issue fixes and enhancements in other areas of the product come with the release as well
      • ...and many more. Please refer to the DSM 2015.1 release notes.
      In order to provide you with a better understanding of all the new features and enhancements we have provided several short training videos, through the HEAT Software Academy. Access to the HEAT Software Academy is located at
      If you do not already have a login please send an email to [email protected] with HEAT2015 in the subject line. Once we have your registration details we will send you your login credentials and information as to when the new training videos will be posted. The sign-in link to the Academy store is located on the upper right hand side of the page. 
      Instructions to access Customer Self-Service Portal
      1. Log into the Self Service Portal using your company's login/password
      2. Go to the More tab and click on Release
      3. Select HEAT DSM 2015.1
      4. Go to the Documentation Tab for all related documentation
      Thank you,
      HEAT Team