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    Lost french character after migration

    Kredger Rookie

      I migrated to my DEV environment for the Xtraction product. From version 15.1 to 2017.1.
      Everything work well without any errors.

      Now when I look at the dashboards, I realize that the information written with a "French" character is not displayed in the 2017.1 version.

      Example if I take "group" component and choose "Assignee", when an assignment has a francophone accent in its name, Xtraction does not display it. Even worse, if I click on his name to see the list of tickets "views records", Xtraction returns nothing. If I take an "assignee" who does not have a francophone accent in his name, Xtraction returns the list of tickets.

      Did I forget something to do so that Xtraction returns the right items to me?

      Example: Xtraction displays Rmy Jobin in place of Rémy Jobin


      We use Xtraction connector for CA Service Desk 12.9 and CA Service Catalog in french version