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    Dynamic ShowOnWindow GroupBox


      Not certain about syntax of Boo Nor the IDE of LANDESK.


      Design :

      combo box -> contains numbers 1 to 10

      group box -> property : ShowOnWindow = false


      Process :

      if           combo box = 4

      then      group box->property : ShowOnWindow = true

      else      group box->property : ShowOnWindow = false


      it is pseudo code



      I tried adding a condition in the process designer with return ":SetHidden(Attribute,false)" which returns the string of the ":sethidden...etc" but I want it to action.

      I also tried editing the calculation type on the object designer and when I put the calculation on the combo box, I can set the combo box as a dependency.


      how I get that process?

      let me know if you need additional information.