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    Locking ticket to current owner


      Hi All,


      Would anyone have clues as to how tickets can be locked so that only the current owner can mark them as "resolved" or "fulfilled" etc?
      We have an issue where members of teams are closing tickets while other people are already working on them.


      Another way to help with this problem would be to force a minimum character count to at least 20 or 30 characters so that proper resolution notes have to be left, explaining why the ticket was commandeered..


      Any ideas on how to improve this scenario?


      Thanks in advance!

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          Hi Jaz,


          There are a few different ways you could handle this, depending on exact requirements. One simple possibility could be a Read-only Rule on the Status field to stop users changing the Status unless they own the Incident.


          $(CurrentLoginId() != Owner)


          You could do similar to the Owner field if you wanted the make the current owner hand over to a new owner.


          Another option I haven't really looked into would be using a Validation Rule. You could check whether the Status has changed to Resolved/Closed (using the Status:original field qualifier -- Online Help for that), and if you use multiple languages, make sure to take that into account in any string comparisons (using the Local() function). The downside of Validation Rules is that they are only checked after clicking Save, so users may find they've put some effort into the Incident already, only to be unable to save it.


          Hope this helps.

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            Oh, I just found this too... helping another customer do similar with Problem records.


            Restrict statuses to Owner

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