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    Has anyone started using the Analytics Workspace provided?

    Pramit@Fusion5 Rookie

      Just wanting to find out if others are using the Analytics Workspace in HEAT and if so who is finding the process of configuring the parts and then having to apply security to an existing role a very time consuming process?


      Also has anyone been able to reduce the refresh times of this work space to be less than an hour?

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          TDougl Apprentice

          Hi Pramit,


          I understand it can be time-consuming if you're building lots of metrics. Hopefully you only have to go through this process once in a while. If you have any suggestions on how it could work better, please open an Incident with support with the detailed steps and we can submit a feature request (template below).


          As mentioned in the Online Help, "The system updates the Analytic Metrics dashboards every 60 minutes. You cannot configure this time." This is by design to prevent performance issues. (I see you have RM 253408 open requesting to change that).


          The purpose of Analytic Metrics is more aimed at summarizing data over a longer period of time rather than displaying a minute-by-minute status. For that, Dashboards would be more appropriate.


          Hope this helps!



          Template for feature requests:


          [ Summary - What is the request? ]




          [ What is the business case / use case ]




          [ Urgency for this feature ? Go-Live-Date? any impact on other systems ?]




          [ How should the feature work? e.g. requirements, steps, explanation, screenshots,... ]





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            wynnb Apprentice

            Would like to, but it doesn't seem to work very well. I can't get the availability dashboard to show anything at all, and the documentation is pretty sparse.