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    Loading Branding to the LANDesk CSA


      I was hunting around for how to change the branding on the CSA and found a bit of info here: https://community.ivanti.com/thread/28464

      But figured I'd share a quick write up I made for my self:


      First enable SSH on the CSA, detailed info here: https://community.ivanti.com/docs/DOC-2818


      Open Putty and WinSCP to you CSA address/FQDN


      Log in as admin in both WinSCP and Putty


      Using WinSCP load the logos you need to change to /tmp


      Then in Putty run the following 5 commands:


      sudo cp /tmp/landesk-banner.png /opt/landesk/broker/webroot/allowed


      sudo cp /tmp/landesk-banner.png /opt/landesk/broker/webroot/gsb/images


      sudo cp /tmp/landesk-logo.png /opt/landesk/broker/webroot/allowed


      sudo cp /tmp/landesk-logo.png /opt/landesk/broker/webroot/gsb/images


      sudo cp /tmp/logodk.gif /opt/landesk/broker/webroot/allowed


      Refresh the CSA webpage to confirm they have loaded, if they have not loaded reboot the CSA.


      You may not need to change all those logos but I wanted to. The "landesk-banner.png" is the one that I would this most people would want to change.


      I just did a quick and dirty MS paint remake of the logos for my needs, not sure if you could use larger ones or not.


      This is the first time I have applied this to our CSA but from what Carlos said in his post you will need to do this when you update your CSA as well.


      Props to carlos for the thread I found and Sebastien.Felix for the direction, as Sebastien said this is not supported but doable.