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    Assignment and priority depending on customer

    dmnk.jnsn Rookie

      Hey guys,


      we're using LANDESK Servicedesk 2016.2 right now for incident management. Most adjustments we're made by our service provider but we're trying to get more knowledge in house.


      We would like to automatically create incidents by e-mail if our network access control detect a unknown device. On ticket creation we would like to assign the incident to the responsible group and add a high priority.
      Is there a possibility to do this depending on the customer who is sending the mail?


      Thanks in advance!

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          Senta SupportEmployee

          Hello dmnk.jnsn,


          there are multiple option


          A) create a new MailBox only for these case. On the Mapping of this Mailbox use a Template with the correct Response level (High as you said).

          A1) either you use a different Incident Process which assigns all cases to the same responsible group

          A2) you add a decision in the process to check for some data from the template and the case to detect these cases and assign to correct group


          As this is data from a "network access control" you might not need the way over an email and use the Event Manager. The event Manager allows you to send in up to 20 parameters on which you can set up rules for processing.

          Event Manager can receive events via SOAP or get request to an URL.


          https://help.ivanti.com/ld/help/en_US/LDSD/11.0/Default.htm#011 Event Manager/EventManagerConcepts.htm



          Ivanti Support

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            dmnk.jnsn Rookie

            Hello Senta,


            thanks for your suggestion. I will take a look at the event manager if it could be a possibility for us in the future.


            To get a quick start I've taken following steps:

            - create additional mailbox ( added it at Administration / Mail / Incoming E-Mail)

            - copied our Incident Process and did made it more simple

            - added an assignment of the new mailbox to the new process


            If I now send a mail to the new mailbox it is received correcty but it's transferred to our default process and not to the new (which is mentioned in the assignment).

            May you have an idea would cause this behaviour?




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              Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

              Did you restart the mail services after changing the mail config?





              MarXtar Ltd

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                dmnk.jnsn Rookie

                Hello Julian,


                already did this. As mentioned, the incoming mails are grabbed at the new mailbox.
                But they will be assigned to our "normal" incident process which is set as default.


                The assignment I created says to put mails from the new mailbox to the new alerting process.