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    New laptop, WinPE asks for credentials?

    jameshopkins Apprentice

      We have a new model of laptop (Dell Precision 5520), I am trying to provision it using our existing templates. With other models of laptop we schedule a task and drop the device into the task (either bare metal or existing inventory), the device then boots into PXE and picks up the task, it then boots into WinPE and automatically starts the task (no interaction required). However with the new laptop I create the task and it boots into PXE, picks the task and then starts WinPE, it loads the drivers and it has network connectivity (obtains IP and connects to the core), but then it pops up with the authentication window. If I enter credentials it connects, but then I have to choose a template.


      Has anyone seen this issue before? I have added network drivers and storage drivers into WinPE and as above it gets an IP and if I run diskpart in WinPE I can see the HDD.


      I have attached the ldprovision.log, which contains the below. I have open a case with LANDesk, but still waiting for some helpful info back.


      2017-07-04 23:50:14(1776-1800) ldProvision:Retry count 1 of 1

      2017-07-04 23:50:14(1776-1800) ldProvision:There were no valid templates to be downloaded and we are in daemon mode.  ldProvision will exit.

      2017-07-04 23:50:15(1776-1800) ldProvision:Connect ProvisionGUI.exe, try 1 time failed.

      2017-07-04 23:50:21(1776-1800) ldProvision:Gui successfully started