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    Online and Offline Activation CSA failed

    turboduck Rookie


      I can not activate CSA,

      CSA does not have access to Internet and Online activation failed. But, failed offline activation (file recieved in e-mail) with same error how online activation:


      Activation communications error

      The Cloud Services Appliance was unable to contact the LANDESK license server. Check your network settings. If the Cloud Services Appliance does not have Internet access, click >>HERE<< to manually activate the system.

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          prs SupportEmployee

          Try adding / modyfing the "Host names" on the Cloud Services Appliance ( CSA ) as follows:


          IP Address:

          DNS name: license.landesk.com

          Host name: license.landesk.com




          screenshot csa system file hosts.PNG


          and activate / reactivate the CSA by clicking "Activate online"


          * Test the username and password used for activation by attempting to login to the Ivanti's Licensing Portal on https://portal.ivanti.com

          ** Test your password in the field Organization ID to see what you are entering as the keyboard layout on the CSA screen might not be match the layout of your keyboard.


          If CSA activates successfully you will see


          Activation complete..

          The system activated successfully


          screenshot csa system file hosts activated successfully.PNG