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    PatchLink Return Codes

    markuszierer Specialist

      i have an environment here (DSM 2016.2) were i see some patches going red after 3 retries. When i analyse the logfile, i can see the LPRInstallPatch command returns a return code "144". It also tells me, this is not a windows error code. So obviously PatchLink is working with some kind of internal return codes. Which is OK though, but i'd like to have a list of those codes for me to do better troubleshooting.


      Does anyone know if such a list exist and were to get it? Or do i have to contact support and ask for it there?

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          SitzRieSe Expert

          Hi markus,


          my experience with the returncodes of patchlink was very poor. If I have to troubleshoot some failed installations, Im going to a client and starting the setup of the patch manually. In the most cases the installation told me what is wrong, because its always a problem on the client.



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            The return code 144 is a very common one.

            When a patch installation is failing, you can see a more specific message in the LPR logfiles (C:\Program Files (x86)\HEAT Software\LPR\client), the registry or the eventlog


            With DSM 2017 we will implement a better error handling

            So you can see the specific message and the return code in the comment of the policy instance

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