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    Handling Service Requests with outstanding items

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      We have several request offerings which go through the normal process but have items which need to be tracked once to SR has been fulfilled. An example of this is access to another users mailbox, which may or may not be for a limited time or for a current staff member or someone whom has left the business. I am looking for a method to track this if the request for access is for a limited time (say 3 months) but not keeping the service requests open.


      Another example of this is if we loan a laptop to a staff member. Once the laptop has been issued and associated tasks completed the SR is the fulfilled. However we would ideally want to keep this "open" until the return date but due to the sheer number of these coming through it may get messy with both the Analyst queues and the stats as the request will remain in an open state even though the service has been provided...



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          AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup

          Hi Gary


          Here are a few options:

          - Create a reminder system which will ping a user or create an incident at a point in time for someone to action.

          - Add a task to the CI for it to be collected in x amount of time, you can play around with adding start dates or alert dates to tasks.  Dashboards can then be amended to only show tasks started or about to start. 

          - Similar to above but add a task or reminder against an employee record for non CI related items.

          - Add a new status to put the request on hold until a date time passes in a workflow which then creates new tasks to collect the kit or disable accounts.  The argument around this is when is the SR complete at the point the mailbox is created for the user or the point it is retired e.g. the access period completed.


          There are a couple would be interesting to see what others do.

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