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    Workspaces - Yes or No?

    sameralee Apprentice

      Hello, I'm just curious to see how many of us SD customers have transitioned from Webdesk to Workspaces. If so, how was your implementation and configuration process and/or user feedback so far,   We just went live with webdesk/self service a year ago and everything has finally stabilized after an initial learning curve with the end-users and analysts. Now it seems the new SD releases are all about working us towards Workspaces, i'm just wondering if it's worth it to go through it all over again so soon. Anyone cares to share their stories?  Do you recommend it? What would you do it differently if you can start over?


      Anything is greatly appreciated :-)

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          JayBetancourt Apprentice

          We just upgraded to 2017.1 and have used Webdesk exclusively for the last couple of years on 7.8.  We are looking at moving to Workspaces relatively soon as we learn what components are not available that our users and analysts are accustomed to using today as they work in the system.  Overall, I'm impressed with Workspaces.  Stay tuned for a better answer though as we continue testing and rolling out the solution to our end users.

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            We are not implementing it because there is still too much missing with the functionality, design, and ease of use. It's clunky and wastes a lot of screen real estate if you're viewing it on a non-mobile device.