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    Install Software in Order and Reboot

    msalmon Apprentice

      Hi Community,

      I'm looking for advice on how other's have handled similar situations.  I'm currently running LD 9.6 SP2. I have received a request to install 4 software packages in a specific order and include a restart in between the 1st and 2nd package, however the we want the user to be able to postpone the restart.  I really want to call one of our LANDesk's agent restart prompts.

      Here is what I've tried so far.

      Scheduled Tasks:

      I don't know how to tell LD to install in a specific order, also it doesn't seem to handle restarts in between packages.


      I created a custom template to install the software in a specific order, added the built-in Restart option.  This technically works, however the restart prompt is not a normal window and does not allow the user to post-pone.  If I could figure out how to call an agent restart prompt, this would be great.


      I'm currently working on a custom patch to do this...

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Hmm - part of your problem is 9.6 here I think.


          2016 (and onward), you can just plug restarts into bundles (which also allow you to install multiple pieces of software in a specific order).


          ... lemme double-check a 9.6 Core ... I *think* you can do bundles with reboots in 9.6 too potentially ...


          Hmm - no, looks like we added the reboot action for bundles in 2016. So a software package bundle won't be much help to you in 9.6 since you can't survive a proper reboot in between.


          You could pull everything into a single package (risky) ... essentially you install your 2 things, chuck the 3rd package to be run into the RUN-key, and throw your reboot. The 3rd package then calls at the end the 4th package (say - via batch) ... a bit risky, but it's an option.


          Vulscan would be the "cleanest" option potentially, as you can define a single script that essentially leaves a flag behind, so as to know whether to start installing package 1 & 2 and then reboot, or whether to install package 3 & 4. Well done you on noticing you can abuse custom defs for all manner of things including software distribution (a favourite of mine) .

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            msalmon Apprentice

            Thanks for the reply. 

            Right now it looks like my best solution is to take a Vulscan scheduled restart, which (I just learned) creates a Distribution Package as well as a Scheduled Task to kick off reboot prompts.  I stuck this in the middle of the tasks. So far it seems "good enough", I say that because it doesn't seem to force a restart after the 2 hour interval because it still thinks LANDesk is doing something but at least it's huge prompt the user can't ignore with a custom message to restart.