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    Help with installing Landesk on Linux host (and where to get new files)


      I'm looking at this page to help me install Landesk on a Ubuntu x64 machine so I can remote control it:

      How to install the 32-bit and 64-bit Linux and Unix agents in 9.X


      I didn't understand what "Standard Push" consists of, as there seemed to be no instructions on how to activate it (I imagine it's an action you take under Landesk Management Suite), so I looked under "Manual Install." I found 2 of the four files it said I should have:


      • baseclient64.tar.gz
      • vulscan64.tar.gz


      ...but could not locate the other 2. It said the other 2 files would not be named hash.0 and AgentName.sh, but it did not give me many clues in finding out what they would be named instead. For example, I don't know what each file's contents should look like to help me identify that it's the file I need. The following image shows all the files we have on our network drive for Linux Landesk remote control installation:


      Screenshot from 2017-07-11 18-08-14.png

      I am admittedly a lowly IT rep and don't have control over the Landesk Management Suite (2016) server, nor know where the above files even came from. (The files say they were last modified around June 19, 2014.)


      Does anyone know how I'd install Landesk Agent on an Ubuntu x64 machine using the above files? Thank you.