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    Is it possible to get process started .exe from a child custom condition / custom action for a specific process started node?

    Zach.Hurlburt Rookie

      Consider this scenario:


      • Want to define a few processes we don't want users to be able to launch, we have a custom built message that fits better with our company then AM provided so we are using that.  We also like that we can customize that message box and include URLs, etc.
      • Want to be able to have a generic message, but look at the process defined in our process started node to get the file description / product name and inject that into the message.


      We utilize an AD group that allows the process defined to run, if the current user is not a member of that active directory group then we throw this message saying they don't have access to it, and include a link out to a sharepoint site to show the end user how to request access to it.



      Essentially, I want to be able to query the name of the exe (in red) from the condition/action tied to it (blue). I can't look at any parent processes because that process doesn't exist until the condition/action has been completed.