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    Deleting Kaspersky with KAV Removal Tool password



      When i try to delete the Kaspersky with the KAV Removal Tool he is asking for a username and password.

      We never had a password or changed it. Where can i find the password? Someware in al installation follder or map?

      Please help.

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          jaysmith SupportEmployee

          LDAV Agent Settings do not support setting a client password, but it can be done using a config file.  If you set a password on a client and then export the config file, you can link this config file to your agent settings for antivirus and the config will be applied to each device that uses the specified agent settings when vulscan next runs. 


          That method, and manually setting the password in each client, is the only way to set a password in LDAV.  Possibly this was done at some point in the past?