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    Auto populate a list of CC: recipients

    giorda62 Apprentice

      I need to set up a security incident process where one of the implications is a list of recipents must be notified as CCs for every email sent for that incident.

      In the LDSD Administration manual there is a good description of how to configure mail to include CC recipents in replies and notification, using a manual action to populate the CC list.

      My question here is: is it possible to automatically populate the CC list when one declare a security incident? In Service Desk I already have a list of contacts that I'd like to use for this reason.

      It's also necessary to be able to reverse this action so when one "downgrade" a security incident the CC list should be automatically cleaned up.

      Any help is appreciated.

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          John Haddad Expert

          Hi Gio,


          you can achieve this by automatic reminders after the ( declare and downgrade) actions ,,


          i'm using this with Major incident :


          add Reminder :


          you can create a Rule  and add users to be notified when a ticket is security .


          same to do when you want to ( Downgrade ) that ticket ...




          John Moha

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            giorda62 Apprentice

            Hi John

            thank you very much for answering; I'm not sure if your suggestion is exactly what I need; my goal is to notify a list of recipients not only at the moment one declares a security incident, but to include the recipients in every notification sent from that moment on (till incident closure or downgrade); that's why I thought about using CC method; doing what you suggest apparently causes to send a notification just in the event of declaring a security incident